A vehicle is stolen every 26.4 seconds. Make sure yours is protected with LoJack. LoJack's proven technology is so effective because it works directly with the police. Plus, it's undetectable, so thieves don't know it's there. If your vehicle is stolen, LoJack immediately goes into action, silently leading police to your vehicle's exact location. With LoJack, your vehicle gets recovered - before it's badly damaged or gone for good. Benefits of LoJack are 24-hour theft recovery guarantee - many within hours, no monthly fees, and a 90% recovery rate.

With Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) door ding protection, it couldn't be easier to remove door dings and small dents without the need for expensive and time consuming body shop repairs. Using a technique developed by automotive manufacturers, paintless dent repair works from behind the vehicle exterior to repair damage without sanding, painting, or body fillers. The innovative PDR process uses specialized hand tools to manipulate and flex metal back to it's original form. In most cases, there is no evidence that a dent ever existed.

Roadblock by Autobahnd is a clear urethane film that has been specifically developed to cover the vulnerable, high-impact painted surfaces of your vehicle that are subjected to damaging road debris. The leading edge painted surfaces of your vehicle become virtually invincible to the elements.

Premier Tire & Wheel Protection will cover the replacement or repair cost of your tires and wheels if they are damaged by a road hazard.

Though it is impossible to avoid these unexpected hazards in the road, it is possible to prepare and protect yourself from the unexpected expense. Benefits of Premier Tire & Wheel Protection include damage caused by road hazards such as glass, metal, potholes, debris, nails, blowouts, etc. Covers replacement tires for the duration of the contract, as well as, all costs related to the repair or replacement of wheels/tires including taxes, labor costs, mounting and balancing fees, valve stems and towing expenses. There is no limit on mileage or to the number of occurrences or claim benefits. Available on new and pre-owned vehicles, whether you are paying cash, financing or leasing.

ResistAllĀ® is the leader in professionally applied and warranted automotive protection products.ResistAllĀ® Family of Products

Exterior Paint Sealants
Protect against weather-induced fading and loss of gloss
Protect against damage from acid rain, bird droppings & tree sap
Protect against permanent hard water etching & industrial fallout
Benefits beyond the auto manufacturer's warranty

Interior Fabric Sealants
Protect against water and oil based stains
Extend the life of fabrics and carpets
Contain inhibitors to retard fading
For use on interior fabric seats, door panels and carpet

Interior Vinyl & Leather Sealants
Create a barrier against stains
Protect against premature aging
Retain natural softness
For use on interior seats, door panels, dashboards and trim