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The vehicle buying experience should be easy, hassle-free and convenient.

That's why we offer our Accelerate Your Purchase Tool. It's Car Buying at Your Speed. In just a few minutes you can easily, select a vehicle, input your preferences, appraise your trade and generate a customized payment in just a few simple steps.

Viti Volvo Accelerate Your Purchase, a personalized shopping experience from the comfort of your own home, office or even on the go. Start now and finish later, our Accelerate Your Purchase tool can save your progress along the way. This is why we say its car buying at your speed.

Buy or lease your vehicle in six easy steps:


1. Basic Information

First, find your new vehicle and click the ‘Customize My Deal’ button. Then, answer a few simple questions about your ownership and driving preferences, including how many miles you plan on driving, how long you plan on owning the vehicle and how you plan on paying for the vehicle (like financing or leasing). You can even provide an estimated credit score which can help make sure you are more likely to see offers that match your eligibility


2. Value Your Trade

Once you’ve selected your vehicle, the next step is to evaluate your trade-in. By trading in your old vehicle, you can lower your payments on your new vehicle and help limit taxes paid on certain transactions. By providing your trade-in information through the Viti Volvo Accelerate Your Purchase tool. You can establish a true Kelly Blue Book value in real-time which you can use to calculate your customized payments. Our tool will save your progress so the Viti team can pick up where you left off, saving you valuable time spent at the dealership.


3. Incentives & Payment Options

Choose your incentives to save even more on your new vehicle. Browse top offers, specials, rebates, and discounts to save big on your new purchase or lease. Next, pick your payment option from Finance, Lease, and Cash. Still can't decide, select "All" and compare these options side-by-side to help you find the one that works best for you. Each selection can be customized, including payment amount and term length.


4. Protection Add-Ons

Next, browse our protection and service plans to provide your new vehicle with extra coverage. All you have to do is click the checkbox to add your desired coverage. It will even show you the amount it adds onto your monthly payment. Each plan and add-on gives details of what it covers, so you can confidently decide which add-on is best for you.


5. Apply for Financing

Last, you will apply for financing through our secure online application. If you’re not ready to finish the process, simply save it and return later. By applying for financing online, you can save even more time in the dealership! Required information includes address and income.


6. Claim Your Deal & Recap

Now that you’ve chosen your vehicle, incentives, payment option, any add-ons and applied for financing, it’s time for the final steps by claiming your deal and possibly set a tentative delivery date. You will also have the option to upload pertinent documentation the dealership will require to delivery your vehicle such as, Drivers License, Vehicle Insurance and Registration Documents. Just as with your credit application, these documents are uploaded from your device into a secure and encrypted cloud server where they can only be access by an authorized user at the dealership.

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