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Rick Tarantino | General Sales Manager
General Sales Manager | 10 Years
(401) 375-4265

Rick Tarantino, the General Sales Manager for Viti Volvo Cars, is an exceptionally experienced salesman and manager, with over 27 years in the automotive industry. Rick began as a salesperson and worked his way up to the management level by reaching the Master Certified in all Volvo training level, which proved his dedication and skills. Having spent years working at Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and Subaru dealerships, Rick was seeking a change and that's how he found his way Viti. The Grays, noticing his success and potential, promoted him to General Sales Manager. Now, he drives his favorite Volvo model, the XC90 - He is a big fan of its impressive physicality and safety features. Rick is fulfilling his dreams while simultaneously helping people, personal or familial, buy their dreams. Coincidentally Rick's favorite thing to do is go to Disney World, a place where dreams do come true.

Bill Andrews | BDC Manager
Business Development Manager | 9 Years
(401) 375-4314

Bill Andrews is the Business Development Manager for Viti Volvo. He has been in the automotive industry for over twenty years, and this experience allows him to come up with the best ways to improve the customer's experience. There is always room for improvement, however, and Bill enjoys the challenge - Customer needs are always changing, and the industry changes with it. He always puts his best effort to help keep Viti above the rest. In his free time, Bill likes to partake in outdoor activities and spending time with his daughter.

Seamus White | Service Manager
Service Manager
(401) 375-4148

Jason Smigel | Business Manager
Business Manager | 3 Years
(401) 375-4330

Jason Smigel is Viti Volvo's Business Manager. Although he is a somewhat new addition to the team, he has over 20 years of automotive experience. Prior to Volvo he has sold BMW and Jeep, one of which modeled itself after Viti as the standard of doing things right for customers. Jason prides himself on being able to help people and make their hopes of owning a Volvo a reality. He has also been ranked as a #1 sales manager in the Eastern region for BMW, and #4 in the country as a whole. After an appointment with him, he hopes that his customers feel like they just dealt with a professional that provided the best experience possible. 

Dave Lazar | Parts Manager
Parts Manager | 10 Years
(401) 375-4296

Dave Lazar is the Parts Manager at Viti Volvo. With over 20 years in the automotive industry, he brings experience with him to Viti that makes him a valuable part of our team. By working with Dave, one can be sure that they will receive a very honest service with factory trained technicians and a smile. After a service with him, he hopes that his customers feel that they can trust him for many more visits in the future, and that any feedback is listened to and applied.



Phil Thornsbury | Service Advisor
Certified Service Advisor
(401) 375-4305

Brian Carreiro | Service Advisor
Certified Service Advisor

Jon Varrica | Service Warranty Administrator
Service Warranty Administrator | 10 Years
(401) 375-4302

Jon Varrica is a Service Warranty Administrator at Viti Volvo. He was first drawn to Viti because of its good reputation among customers and peers as a place where customer satisfaction is top priority with experience and knowledgeable staff. When servicing with him, Jon ensures he brings the customer a peace of mind by addressing their concerns and providing an accurate report of their vehicle's condition. Any question, whether it has to do with service or parts, will be answered honestly and precisely no matter what.



Lou Dutra | Sales Consultant
Master Certified Sales Consultant | 7 Years
(401) 375-4271

Lou Dutra, Volvo Sales Consultant, has been in the automotive industry for over 33 years. Prior to working at Viti, he sold Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Jaguar, and Audi. Lou chose to sell Volvo because of its highlighted safety characteristics. The reason he chose to sell Volvos at Viti is "[the company's] commitment to doing what's right by the buyer as well as the employees." In other words, Viti is a family. Being an advocate is Lou's specialty. He's modest, even after having won many awards and distinctions. Despite all of that, every once in a while something comes along and surprises him. That's why Lou lives by the motto "never stop learning." When Lou is free from all his work and obligations, he enjoys playing his guitar and making music.

Matthew Meyer | Sales Consultant
Master Certified Sales Consultant | 2 year
(401) 375-4275

Matthew Meyer, Volvo Sales Consultant, is an avid lover of new and used cars. In his free time, he enjoys restoring older cars and making them shine. This passion for automobiles has led to him work in the automotive industry for 20 years. Prior to selling Volvos, Matt helped his customers with purchasing Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, and more. This experience has helped him develop an attention to detail that is hard to find anywhere else. He hopes that after an appointment with him, his customers feel that they will not have a better experience from anyone else.

Liz Mulroy | Sales Consultant
Certified Sales Consultant | 2 Year
(401) 375-4268

Liz Mulroy, Volvo Sales Consultant, is a young and determined saleswoman ready to do her all to help her customers. She started at Viti as a receptionist, but quickly decided that she wanted to do more and asked for a chance to become a salesperson. Since then, she ensures that she comes to work every day and provides her customers with an exceptional experience at our store. Although Viti is a new experience for her, she hopes to work with our team for a long time and continue to enjoy selling the brand she loves.